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ABOUT UNEEG™ medical

HypoSafe (today UNEEG™ medical) was founded in 2005 by one of the world’s leading diabetes scientists, Professor Henning Beck-Nielsen, with a mission to help individuals suffering from hypoglycemic attacks. Through his research professor Beck-Nielsen found that hypoglycemia could be predicted timely and reliably from the EEG patterns in the brain. This insight led to the basic concept of the HypoSafe device. Beck-Nielsen and CEO Rasmus Stig Jensen decided to turn the HypoSafe device into a product to help millions of diabetic patients.

In 2005 the company was a reality and today we are in the process of CE-marking our first devices. We are currently executing clinical tests and expect to bring our first products on the market in Europe soon.


UNEEG™ medical’s purpose and existence is built on the foundation of the following mission statement:

UNEEG meidical A/S is committed to improve the lives of patients at risk from hypoglycemia, by making available a timely and secure warning system combining advanced EEG measurement technologies and mathematical algorithms to detect bio-specific patterns in the human brain.


UNEEG™ medical’s vision for the future is as follows:

UNEEG™ medical improves the lives of critically sick people, using the brain as biosensor, to detect and warn patients against the threat of critical events, resulting from their sickness. HypoSafe will closely follow the possibilities adherent within the market and follow a build-and-divest strategy, selling components of technology to interested acquires, while still retaining the core EEG measurement technology in order to allow the development of solutions for other attractive areas.